1. What is Fiber shield?

Fiber shield is an online platform which connects Users who are facing internet issues to network technicians directly with a click of button

2. What does Fiber shield do?

we will simply submit your complaint to the nearest technician from your place, through a completely Automated process, once the technician receives and accept your order you will be contacted immediately

3. How much will it cost me to use fiber shield services?

For Regular services 10 R.O Only and for the Express Services 20 R.O only

4. What is the difference between Regular services and Express services?

Regular service: the price in this service is the common market price, this type of services is suitable for house or flats problems, the time for a visit can be only during working hours.

Express service: the price in this service is doubled the market price, this type of services is suitable for business users, emergency who requests immediate action, the time for a visit can be during working hours and after working hours.

5. How do I place a complaint on fiber shield?

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Register your name and phone number than click ‘Send OTP’
  • Enter OTP Number
  • Welcome to fiber shield page, click on ‘Raise a complaint’ button
  • Describe your complaint on complaint category than confirm your location
  • Fill the form than click on ‘submit’ button
  • Then Your complaint will be successfully registered, and you will be contacted by the technician soon.
6. How is the payment process?

Once the technician received the payment from you, he will ask you to provide OTP code appeared in your notification bill from the home page, this code it will be entered by technician in his payment page as for his confirmation that he has completed the work and received the payment successfully.

Note: currently we receive only cash, online payments will be enabled in the nearest future

7. In case the issue occurred again within the next day after the rectification and the payment was done what should I do?

The User has 5 days after the initial rectification were, he can raise a complaint again for free. But only if the complaint category was same.

8. In case the technician could not solve my problem, what should I do?

The technician has option to escalate the problem to fiber shield management and after the evaluation of the problem the complaint will be sent to another technician who are more specialized on specific problem.

9. How can I contact the support team for any of my concerns?

Please feel free to contact us by WhatsApp on +968 7175 4305 or via email: support@fibershieldnet.com.